Guide to Choosing the “It” Logo Design

It can be pretty challenging to design a logo. A good logo design is something that people digest easily and one that they want to be associated with. It is the dream of every logo designer to create a logo that would eventually become a brand champion. A brand champion is a logo design so effective that it practically sells itself. A good example of this is the Nike swoosh emblem, Coca Cola logo, and Ralph Lauren logo. When people buy products from these brands, they are buying more than just merchandise. They are buying themselves a lifestyle.


The success of your brand starts when you hire a logo designer to design a logo that you can use. However, just simply having a logo is not enough. You have to consistently work and think about ways to promote your logo.

Take the case of café logos. A successful café logo design such as the Starbucks logo is a product of a catchy logo design and amazing promotional campaigns. The way the café emblem is exposed is crazy—like some sort of mania. You see it everywhere—on their planners, on their mugs, on their disposable cups—-everything is emblazoned with the Starbucks logo. On many levels it works for the brand because the logo is not garish, looks great on everything, and connotes a relaxed, modern lifestyle that everyone wants for themselves.


As compared to the Dunkin Donuts logo, which is also good, the logo design for Starbucks is simply destined to be iconic and is better on so many levels. The one reason being the logo design of Starbucks seems more neutral. The neutrality of the design makes it look good against different colors and makes it okay for people of all ages. People don’t mind seeing this logo on their planners and other everyday stuff because it isn’t too garish or too young. It’s just right. The Dunkin Donuts logo may appeal to the younger set, but those who are older may not be too comfortable with it.

In choosing logos for sale, it is very important to take note of your objective. If you want to be associated with products or services, the layout of the Dunkin Donuts logo—straight to the point, pop, and direct—is what you should take inspiration from. If you want to take your brand on a different level and sell a lifestyle, the Starbucks logo, is the ideal model for you. Another good point of the logo design of Starbucks is its color. The green color is neutral—both literally and metaphorically. It is equally warm and cold. Also, it is not a color that people feel very strongly about.

It can easily in the background and people won’t care. The pink-orange logo of Dunkin Donuts may work for it on the aspect of selling their goods, but it works against them in selling a lifestyle. Aside from being too young and slightly feminine, the orange-pink combo does not fade into the background like green does. For more info about professional logo design visit